Feeding Tips


When it comes to pets, especially dogs, feeding can become a little more difficult than one would expect. Having a bit of knowledge as well as keeping a close watch on your precious “fur child” can go a long way and help your dog live a long life. Many foods can be harmful to your pet however some are extremely harmful and can even be fatal. A very basic list of the worst foods your dog could ingest are Xylitol (sweetener), grapes/raisins, Chocolate, and onions. If your pet ingests these immediately contact your Veterinary or the emergency one in your area…………..

………………And then there are the dogs that you do all the right things and they still have issues, just as I said above our dogs are our children and just like kids our dogs can have allergies. The symptoms of allergies in dogs can often be quite like the ones we humans encounter. Rashes or hives on the skin, chronic gas/diarrhea, itching, nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms. Less obvious symptoms may include a poor quality of coat on your dog, chronic ear inflammation and obsessive licking of areas on its body. If you notice any of these symptoms its important to address the problem soon. Ways of doing so include getting an allergy test from a specialized vet or you can possibly rule out the allergy by process of elimination if your dog has a fairly limited diet. This is not always recommended as the more your pet is exposed to the allergen the harsher the reaction becomes. Also if symptoms worsen or are extreme never try to eliminate it on your own. The most common allergies in dogs (but not limited to, I have a friend who’s dog is allergic to red wine~ poor guy) are pork, rabbit, beef, chicken, fish, lamb, egg, corn, soy, wheat, and dairy products. And remember this is just a pet owner and PET LOVER opinion and its always important to do your own research and as well always take Veterinary advice.

I recommend for the most part scheduled feeding times and treats for tricks 🙂 The best foods for your dogs are usually found at specialty pet food stores and if you have the time the ultimate diet for a dog actually consists of raw food. When purchasing “kibble” make sure you check out the ingredients to see what your feeding your dog and also read the recommended serving for your dogs size. I like to buy semi local dog food such as Acana and usually buy the locally made treats or make my own! Thanks so much for reading and I will post something new and exciting soon, also if you want me to blog about something specific please do let me know!! Take care.

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