Expiry/Shelf Life


Since we are on the topic of feeding…….it’s a great time to bring up expiry dates and other “shelf” life tips that will aid in you keeping old Fetch around for years and years to come! The dog food I stated that I purchase for my dogs (Acana) has an approximate 15 month from production expiry date which in my opinion isn’t too bad however there is definitely room for improvement. The further away the expiry date is from now the more processed and artificial the food will be…just like in human food. That’s why we love fresh and natural foods that can be purchased at farmers markets and local stores. And just like we do for our self we can buy locally made pet treats or make our own~ FYI don’t buy/make too many as they will be fresh and will expire much quicker but will be way healthier for your pet.

Another really important tip is always remember when refilling your pet food and treat containers do not pour new food on top of old as the kibble on the bottom may become expired and dangerous for your pet to eat. Its also advised to clean the container before adding new dog food to ensure there is no leftover residue. Once you’ve baked those delicious treats, cleaned the container and placed them on the shelf . Take em’ back down because your pooch is going to want to gobble one up!! Homemade heathy recipes to follow! Take care! PS. in the picture above I made home made sweet potato chips for me and my pooches to enjoy together……..


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