Essential Oils and Dogs

** I would first like to make it clear that a Veterinary opinion is always a must when it comes to trying to self help your pets or use natural remedies (and a DR. if it’s for you). ALSO ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT SAFE FOR CATS from what I have heard but most are very beneficial for dogs. When using essential oils always made sure they are authentic and remember do not use on you or your pet if pregnant without consulting a professional first. Also very important is to always dilute, dilute, dilute!! Carrier oils such as coconut or sunflower oil can be used and one should dilute more for a smaller dog. For an average sized dog a good dilution to start with is 3 tablespoons carrier oil to one tablespoon essential oil. You can then soak a collar or a cloth in your mixture and rub your dog down. Always supervize their activities for a few hours because as I have blogged about before some dogs may have allergies or a sensitivity to certain oils.

Essential oils and aromatherapy go way back in time and have been used by different cultures throughout history such as the Ancient Egyptians and later in time they were used by European Socialites. Lately they have been on the up and up in our society so now is the time to try them out!!!

A short list of the best oils for dogs is as follows:

  • Bergamot oil– very beneficial for the digestive system i.e. gas and diarrhea, antidepressant, antiseptic, for pain relief and much much more!
  • Geranium oil- anti inflammatory, astringent, deodorant, styptic (stops bleeding) etc.
  • Lavender oil- good for low blood pressure, relaxing, an insecticide (keeps bugs away), sedative, literally lavender works for almost everything!!
  • REMEMBER there are many other essential oils that are great for yourself and your dog so please google or ask me and I would be happy to explain and help!!

If looking to purchase essential oils I order them through Ameo which I highly recommend if any questions or you would like information to order them please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks and take care lovelies !!


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