💙friendship through exercise💙

One of my favourite things to do is help my friends! As simple as it is……..it makes me feel great……especially when it comes to my special fur friend . Dogs of any breed or size NEED exercise as well as mental stimulation. When your pooch has a sufficient ammount of exercise, proper nutrition,  rules in place and of course love……you are setting it up for the most stress free and pain free life a dog could ask for.

A comom misconception of having a dog is that if you have a big yard your dog has plenty of room to exercise! This can be great for some games like ball, playing with the kids or running through cones however taking your dog on a 30 minutes walk as many times a week as possible will not only tucker them out, it will socialize them with other dogs, people, and objects around your town while at the same time strengthening YOUR alpha role. Also if it’s rainy a few indoor things you can do include : Hide and seek with treats, tug o war  (which if done in a gentle manner can be great for neck stretches), and my personal favourite with my best fur friends is TRICKS! !! 💜 👍 my dogs know a ton of tricks and look adorable doing them! Here’s some to try out: sit, shake a paw, roll over, bang! dead dog, who wants a treat and many many more! Just Google it ☺ hope today was awesome for you! !


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