Price vs. Quality

Price really does matter. I am an ingredients examiner through and through, it may be sad to say but waaaaayyy more often with my dogs food than my own. I have found a lot of important information from reading ingredients and will now never veer away from the more pricey soft and dry foods. I’ve already visited the topic of dry food so I will focus on soft.

Canned soft food from most retail or grocery stores is generally at least $1 cheaper than soft food from a specialty pet store. However if you read the ingredients on the label you can clearly see why.

I wont pick a particular brand to bash 😉 but will add that some of the higher end grocery store dogs food make the icky list. Next time you are at the grocery store do the research yourself and check out a few of the cans ingredients; generally the firsts ingredients are water (not too bad but meh) and some sort of animal by-product i.e. beef, chicken, pork. By-Product = Meat Processing Plant Waste which means whatever is left over from the quality meat cuts, sometimes including things like beaks and feet of chicken….I won’t go on and gross you out. The food I’m looking at actual beef does not even come until the 6th ingredient, which means there probably isn’t even much in it.

The soft food I’m going to praise today is Merrick, available at most pet stores. Not only do they have 10 + delicious flavours the ingredient list is really amazing. A friend and I actually each took a potato out once and ate it……surprising tasty! The can I have is called working dog stew and the first six ingredients are nothing but actual meat, tripe, beef broth….. 🙂 and carrots. All Merrick soft dog foods have fruits and veggies including sweet potato’s, green beans, granny smith apples and many many more!!! Never once does the ingredient BY-PRODUCT come up, which makes my heart happy ❤ Check out some other brands at the pet store and try them out until you find one that is perfect for you pooch but please remember to read the ingredients.

Tip: I love to feed my dogs a tablespoon or so of soft food mixed in with their dry food as a treat usually a couple times a week. It also works great when I am watching other dogs or when my fiancé and I are away and our dogs are being watched by friends or family. They may be feeling slightly out of their comfort zone, not sure if they want to eat and just a tablespoon of this delicious soft food makes them gobble the food right up! And with ingredients like the one’s I mentioned why wouldn’t you want to feed it to your dogs? You can also buy convenient can toppers to seal the can usually at the dollar store or right at the pet store. Thanks and take care!

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