stresS freE lifE oF doG

2016-03-28 17.53.18

Frivolous  many would say this would describe the life of dogs. Carefree and easy. This is some dogs and I would hope most however many dogs feel as though they need a job and often become quite worked up and un easy when they are left to create things to. My dogs when left in the front living room alone (my hubby since made a gate to keep them in the kitchen so they can relax a bit more) have defended our home against  everything from suspected murder’s (by the dogs), the evil mail person and many many floating bags!!!! It may seem like you have a guard dog on duty which can be good and bad but what I’ve come to learn is that this is extra stress on a dog that just isn’t necessary. watch your pet.find it’s obsession or stressor and try to find a common fixer upper like we did!  C’Mon let’s help our pets relax a little…. trust me the it will help you too 💜👍 


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