spirituality-303281_640Today’s daily prompt refresh is a bit of a reminder to me to keep up at my goals. I decided I would give everyone A quick run through of some of my plans. I’ve started this website and blog in order to get my name out there and to learn. I already have an extensive knowledge and HUGE LOVE of dogs and have been for ever wanting to do something more with them! Something special.  I already do pretty much everything but make my dogs food for them. I do bake treats though,  I bathe groom and cut their nails, massage them, make collars clothing toys you name it!!! Now I want to do this with everyone’s pets.

I have taken online courses for pet aromatherapy and streches/massage techniques. And now I am just starting to practice them on my own pets and my friends pets! ! I am really excited and I will definitely keep everyone updated with any progress or hopefully huge   breakthroughs ☺💜💙👍 hoping that with a bit of time I can help these dogs to feel less anxiety less pain from old injuries or age etc. And then from there I would like to help anyone’s pet who will let me. The joy I would feel from that would be remarkable. ….have a great Thursday everyone


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