Healing stones with Pets

I’m not much for superstitions. Well the conventional ones anyhow, I do however believe in energies.  I truly feel that positive and negative energy can be easily passed from one human to another, a human to pet or can even be passed through object’s. I have always been interested in crystals and have been learning more and more about them over the last 5 years or so. I always wear a crystal on a chain around my neck usually an amethyst or one of the quarts crystals and can really feel the difference in my spirit. Just recently I starting reading about using crystals with pets!!! I was amazed however not surprised. I will just cover a few if you want to learn more follow the link I provided under the beautiful picture of the healing stones below. Thanks!

Amethyst (my personal favourite): purple or violet color and is a stone of peace. It is said to raise moods and spirits in humans and pets. Amethyst is also said to increase psychic awareness. The example said a performing dog with a bit of Amethyst on its collar will have even more of an ability to make the right decisions.

Gold: reduces stress as it helps balances the nervous system brain and other functions of the body.

Jade: is green in color and is said to protect against accidents and is associated with wisdom, healing and living a long life.

Obsidian:  Black stone that is extremely grounding. The example said that a training dog that is exposed to obsidian will be better at staying focused on his work. How cool!! Seriously please read some more figure out which stones with help heal your dogs ailments. Go buy some crystals for your dogs and yourself!! They are cheap and you just really never know if they will help with your dogs issues.


Healing Crystals can be found and fully explained in this awesome book I found!! I can’t wait to read more about this……..

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