House breaking your dog

When I house broke my girl I read up a bit on puppy eating schedules and toilet schedules. I got lucky (along with good food and this routine) I got a good girl and she was just like the books said and when I would feed her she would need to go poop about half an hour later. She had very few accidents and I never had to use training pads with her. I like to always suggest this method as it’s great for your dog to know from the beginning that its not acceptable to pee/poo inside the house. If you are going to use pads or would like to have something just in case, I would suggest using newspaper as an alternative to pee pads. Although newspaper is obviously not as water resistant its motivation to get your dog trained effectively and quickly. Also it is very cheap and you are recycling something you already used. which is AWESOME!!

Ok so don’t just take my word for it! do some research and check out the best housebreaking techniques; dogs can learn everything from opening the door themselves when they need out, to ringing a bell to let their owner know its time. Take care and enjoy your day 🙂 Also remember that puppies are a lot of work to train!! Please only get one if you have time for them 🙂


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