While Your Away

Your suitcase is packed and everything is in order for your vacation. Might I ask what you are doing with your dog?

I would like to start this post out with saying I know of many reputable dog kennels who do a wonderful job of taking care of your pet. And as well have friends and family members that use them all the time and swear by them, so I just want to say I am definitely not dissing kennels or doggy day care businesses! I however haven’t used them on my own pets due to personal experiences while temporarily working at a dog kennel and grooming salon and just because of the simple fact that I hang with dog people and there is always a list friends and family I am close with that would jump to watch our dogs.

One of the thing that blew my mind while working at the kennel is that many owners wouldn’t ask where their dog would be playing eating or any of the important questions that should be asked. Such as where it would sleep? How about in a kennel for 12 hours it will be provided for extra $ if you don’t bring one. Or what is the capacity that the kennel holds, then they would have found out that it was 75 dogs in an open area together because that was the city limit. Walks? Ok but they are extra $$$. Not a very relaxing environment for your dog to be in while you are away on your vacation and A LOT of extra $.

What I suggest is to be close with other dog lovers which is also healthy for socialization of your dog and good for your soul:)!!! Then you will most likely have friends that are completely willing and happy to help watch your pet. YOU COULD ALWAYS ASK IF YOU KNOW ME. I do however also suggest kennels as they can be super convenient, great as well for socialization and can sometimes do lots of extras likes baths, nail trims and even grooming. However I please ask that when choosing a kennel you ask as many questions as you can think of and as well ask for a tour of the facility to get all the details to ensure yourself that your pooch is having a bit of a pet-cation themselves and you have nothing to worry about while you are away.



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