Adopt Don’t Shop

One of my dreams which I have mentioned before is to have a rescue facility in Alberta or BC so that I can help with the abundance of abandoned and rehomed animals. I love the slogan “Adopt Don’t Shop” and love the fact that more and more it is being spread around the internet. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for (healthy happy) breeders and know many people who have purchased from them. These people have also researched breeds and know that the breed they are choosing is a match for them. I feel like it is very crucial for breeders to have questionnaires in order to learn if the purchaser is suited for their puppies; however this doesn’t always happen and dogs are bought and homed for all the wrong reasons. Which leads to a dog who doesn’t fit the family and causes problems which usually result in rehoming or abandonment. Many people choose breeds for looks a lot and don’t look into the energy level of the dog or the mannerisms. Which can often be a deal breaker when raising a pet.

Usually when adopting from a rescue facility the workers ask a lot of questions and paper work is filled out and looked over to ensure that the dog will be well suited and successful in your home thus creating less of a chance of rehoming. Also the dogs for the most part have all their updated shots and have been spayed or neutered; which is so so important in the process of decreasing the amount of stray and abandoned dogs. As well many shelters offer ongoing assistance and tips in raising your new dog resulting in less dogs being returned to the shelters.

There is a major problem in Alberta with abandoned animals and it makes me sad to say that the problem is even worse in many other countries, we need to stand up and help these animals because they cannot help themselves.


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