travel companion

While traveling we need to make conditions as safe and comfortable for every companion we bring along.

Most importantly!  Water water water and bring some more water. A dish that your dog is familair with is always great as well. Also don’t forget food, leashes and some things to help entertain your fur child. We like to bring a rope and create a zip line for our dogs so they get tangled less and have a little more freedom. We do this using 2 trees or tying the rope to our van and another structure such as a picnic table. Taking your pooch on a walk will be benificial for you and your dog because it will leave you both relaxed and with less energy AND we never forget Gypsy’s ball as it can keep her occupied for hours on end.

Most importantly if you are being outdoorsy please let your dog have lots of breaks and many shady times in order to stay cool and healthy. And NEVER leave a dog in a warm vehicle, you can Google the temperatures that are unsafe for your area and weather conditions.

Below is my favourite travel companion……… to keep him happy pack lots of snacks drinks and Sandwiches. Oh and try to make him laugh as often as possible !!! 💜💙😎😎🐶👍 


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