Shelter from the storm

  • lightning

Some dogs are completely uneffected by storms and loud noises however many dogs become completely terrified when mother nature decides to put on a show. When a storm hits near our place I usually do a few things around the house to make gypsy feel more comfortable.

  • Music always seems to help, something quiet and relaxing but loud enough that the scary noises are faint.
  • Lavender essential oil diffused in the air, misted near or on your dog, or you can use a cloth collar with diluted oil
  • Make sure your dog has a safe feeling place that is away from the windows and away from the reminders of the storm
  • I haven’t tried a thunder vest for dogs but I have heard great things about them as they apply pressure on points that really calm and aid the dog through these tough times
  • Always make sure to have a tag on your dog with your current phone number in case they fear run or hide during the storm

I have addressed some of these tips before however this is a quick brush up for those who haven’t read my blog and a reminder for those who have. Try them out be good to your doggy today and everyday! !!

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