If I was to ask Gypsy where her safe place is or her sanctuary I guarantee one of them would be our Vw westy. Loki too! Not only does she instantly hop in when we are packing it up so she will be the first one ready for an adventure,  she will even sneak in if someone just quickly opens the door or the garage. We’ve had to search around a few times for her but now know if the van door was open, that’s where she will be. I feel that other dogs who come stay here would have to agree as many of my friends dogs will be hopped up in there instead of lounging in the yard. For instance our friends boy Sully, spent the whole weekend camping with us and once we are back home hops out for a quick washroom break and then back in the van! I mean who wouldn’t love hanging out in such a gem of a unit.

Below are a few pics of how much the dogs love to be in our Westy, the whole families sanctuary. Best thing about her is you jump into one sanctuary and drive to some more…..in nature!

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