Beautiful BC

Graceful  is the perfect description for mountains. For when it is Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall the mountains stay strong, beautiful and never lose their composure.

Wild flowers




This is the cherry on top of my wild flower garden


And to keep it dog related I will show a pic of Gypsy girl enjoying the flowers!! Beauty 💜💜💜


If I was to ask Gypsy where her safe place is or her sanctuary I guarantee one of them would be our Vw westy. Loki too! Not only does she instantly hop in when we are packing it up so she will be the first one ready for an adventure,  she will even sneak in if someone just quickly opens the door or the garage. We’ve had to search around a few times for her but now know if the van door was open, that’s where she will be. I feel that other dogs who come stay here would have to agree as many of my friends dogs will be hopped up in there instead of lounging in the yard. For instance our friends boy Sully, spent the whole weekend camping with us and once we are back home hops out for a quick washroom break and then back in the van! I mean who wouldn’t love hanging out in such a gem of a unit.

Below are a few pics of how much the dogs love to be in our Westy, the whole families sanctuary. Best thing about her is you jump into one sanctuary and drive to some more… nature!



There was no way I could post a pic of anything but Willow. My van. Part home -part journey  machine!!! One great thing about bringing the dogs camping is when it gets cool at night the dogs literally breath so much in the van they become a furnace. Fogging up the windows and creating enough heat for us all to stay warm! Lol take care and have an amazing day!

Alberta wild fire

There is a lot of chaos going on in Alberta at the moment. A fire was started up north in Fort McMurray and has spread to surrounding areas. Up to 90 000 people have been evacuated and much help is needed. Below is the link to Red Cross where donations can be made. Thank you so much for reading and for your donations. It’s going to take a long time to build back Fort McMurray but with the help of Albertan’s and the help of all of you we can do this! The support I have seen has been amazing and has me crying joyful tears daily. Rental companies are offering up homes free of charge, hotels giving free accomodations, restaurants giving free meals, and the donations have not stopped. 


I donated through Red Cross as the Canadian gov. Is matching all money raised. I also bought a bag of my favourite Acana dog food and some toys to donate as pets have also lost everything they once had and some have not even returned to their owners.


Adopt Don’t Shop

One of my dreams which I have mentioned before is to have a rescue facility in Alberta or BC so that I can help with the abundance of abandoned and rehomed animals. I love the slogan “Adopt Don’t Shop” and love the fact that more and more it is being spread around the internet. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for (healthy happy) breeders and know many people who have purchased from them. These people have also researched breeds and know that the breed they are choosing is a match for them. I feel like it is very crucial for breeders to have questionnaires in order to learn if the purchaser is suited for their puppies; however this doesn’t always happen and dogs are bought and homed for all the wrong reasons. Which leads to a dog who doesn’t fit the family and causes problems which usually result in rehoming or abandonment. Many people choose breeds for looks a lot and don’t look into the energy level of the dog or the mannerisms. Which can often be a deal breaker when raising a pet.

Usually when adopting from a rescue facility the workers ask a lot of questions and paper work is filled out and looked over to ensure that the dog will be well suited and successful in your home thus creating less of a chance of rehoming. Also the dogs for the most part have all their updated shots and have been spayed or neutered; which is so so important in the process of decreasing the amount of stray and abandoned dogs. As well many shelters offer ongoing assistance and tips in raising your new dog resulting in less dogs being returned to the shelters.

There is a major problem in Alberta with abandoned animals and it makes me sad to say that the problem is even worse in many other countries, we need to stand up and help these animals because they cannot help themselves.



Something I have once searched for but no longer desire………..

20160410_11055920160410_110420solitude.  SOLITUDE. SOLITUDE! !!

This is the life of a dog mom! (Or kid mom or child mom or any parent for that matter 😉 and I wouldn’t change my life for a thing!


29241_389796679834_3862064_nFaraway from my body but so close in spirit. Although I have always loved animals I didn’t know how strong that love could be until I got my border collie puppy Gypsy. I on impulse got her before I left on a month long trip traveling around the States in my Westy. I really didn’t want to leave her but knew she would be in my life for a long time so suffered through it and left my girl at home. It was hard to be away from her but I grew so much while I was gone. She opened my eyes to possibilities and now its finally time for me to go for it!!! Thank you Gypsy girl you are my inspiration.