Dogs life

I’ve always wished to come back in another life as a dog or cat. However lifes quality would definitely be dependent upon who owned me and that’s the startling part. Life for a dog can be filled with joy and everthing one could dream of but if owners that don’t care come along. ….life could be….well the worst. I think of this all the time while raising my fur babies  and try to give them the best life possible. And I pride myself on being around people that do the same. These are my friends Bullies and I am happy to say they have a wondrous life!!! The only Dilemma they ran into on this day was whether they wanted to nap or play ball!!! Lucky dogs ❤😘

2016-09-26 11.02.15.jpg


When it comes to ball..she is UNSTOPPABLE . Lol which is why I have to tell her when it’s time to rest as she would never stop and over work herself. Which isn’t a laughing matter. Your dog could become dehydrated or fatigued very quickly and it is the owners job and responsibility to know how much play is too much play. 2016-03-21 20.19.00

Aging pets

When it comes to our pets aging this can be a difficult process. Not only for the animal but also for the owner as it is extremely difficult to see a pet sick, in pain or frail. Easy things an owner can do to make things more comfortable for there aging pets is as follows but definitely not limited to:

  • Switching to senior dog food as it has many ingredients benificial to your aging dog
  • Extra vitamins.  Ask your vet or a dog professional about things such as glucosamine, elk antler pills and many other options
  • Essential oils for calming and soothing
  • AND my newest and favourite addition to my doggy medical kits is healing crystals like the one pictured below that I made

2016-07-14 11.12.00

Carnelian is great for aging pets as it is very grounding as well as soothing. Carnelian is good for depression and puts your elderly dog in a light mood.

Every crystal has a healing benifit and is just waiting to aid your pet with its pain, nervousness, anxiety, aggression and many many more issues your pet may he facing! (My favourite is amethyst)

Thanks so much for your time and please message me with any questions or concerns.



When it comes to dog sitting in our home not only do we try to make our fur friend feel like a comfortable Guest we make then feel like family! !! Even for dogs it is very hard to leave home and to be away from those special humans they call family or their pack:)! Brining familair things from home to your house and staying active and fun will always help make your guest feel more comfortable. Also like I’ve mentioned before essential oils diluted and sprayed on or diffused in the air can be very benificial in calming dogs! So next time your sitting for a friend or anyone…..try some of the tips and see what you think 😘

Pictured below….one of our current (guests) and my favourite! Auntie Fraya


While Your Away

Your suitcase is packed and everything is in order for your vacation. Might I ask what you are doing with your dog?

I would like to start this post out with saying I know of many reputable dog kennels who do a wonderful job of taking care of your pet. And as well have friends and family members that use them all the time and swear by them, so I just want to say I am definitely not dissing kennels or doggy day care businesses! I however haven’t used them on my own pets due to personal experiences while temporarily working at a dog kennel and grooming salon and just because of the simple fact that I hang with dog people and there is always a list friends and family I am close with that would jump to watch our dogs.

One of the thing that blew my mind while working at the kennel is that many owners wouldn’t ask where their dog would be playing eating or any of the important questions that should be asked. Such as where it would sleep? How about in a kennel for 12 hours it will be provided for extra $ if you don’t bring one. Or what is the capacity that the kennel holds, then they would have found out that it was 75 dogs in an open area together because that was the city limit. Walks? Ok but they are extra $$$. Not a very relaxing environment for your dog to be in while you are away on your vacation and A LOT of extra $.

What I suggest is to be close with other dog lovers which is also healthy for socialization of your dog and good for your soul:)!!! Then you will most likely have friends that are completely willing and happy to help watch your pet. YOU COULD ALWAYS ASK IF YOU KNOW ME. I do however also suggest kennels as they can be super convenient, great as well for socialization and can sometimes do lots of extras likes baths, nail trims and even grooming. However I please ask that when choosing a kennel you ask as many questions as you can think of and as well ask for a tour of the facility to get all the details to ensure yourself that your pooch is having a bit of a pet-cation themselves and you have nothing to worry about while you are away.





You are her voice when she cannot be heard. And when it comes to dogs this is always. If you see an animal (or human) receiving abuse it is your responsibility to report it. Even if you think it isn’t your business or that someone else around obviously will because you saw others staring as well at the scene. This is a misconception many people have and then violent crimes against animals and humans go unreported and continue to occur. Speaking up and using your voice could in fact safe a life. Protect the people and animals around you! Speak up!

stresS freE lifE oF doG

2016-03-28 17.53.18

Frivolous  many would say this would describe the life of dogs. Carefree and easy. This is some dogs and I would hope most however many dogs feel as though they need a job and often become quite worked up and un easy when they are left to create things to. My dogs when left in the front living room alone (my hubby since made a gate to keep them in the kitchen so they can relax a bit more) have defended our home against  everything from suspected murder’s (by the dogs), the evil mail person and many many floating bags!!!! It may seem like you have a guard dog on duty which can be good and bad but what I’ve come to learn is that this is extra stress on a dog that just isn’t necessary. watch your pet.find it’s obsession or stressor and try to find a common fixer upper like we did!  C’Mon let’s help our pets relax a little…. trust me the it will help you too 💜👍 



Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! For today’s daily post I decided to quote The Beatles, my favourite band. I will keep it short for today and just send out a reminder that you are the Guardian for your pet and you need to help her whenever needed, keep watch over her and protect her. Always seek veterinary assistance if you feel your pet is in danger because your gut is usually right! 

💙friendship through exercise💙

One of my favourite things to do is help my friends! As simple as it is…… makes me feel great……especially when it comes to my special fur friend . Dogs of any breed or size NEED exercise as well as mental stimulation. When your pooch has a sufficient ammount of exercise, proper nutrition,  rules in place and of course love……you are setting it up for the most stress free and pain free life a dog could ask for.

A comom misconception of having a dog is that if you have a big yard your dog has plenty of room to exercise! This can be great for some games like ball, playing with the kids or running through cones however taking your dog on a 30 minutes walk as many times a week as possible will not only tucker them out, it will socialize them with other dogs, people, and objects around your town while at the same time strengthening YOUR alpha role. Also if it’s rainy a few indoor things you can do include : Hide and seek with treats, tug o war  (which if done in a gentle manner can be great for neck stretches), and my personal favourite with my best fur friends is TRICKS! !! 💜 👍 my dogs know a ton of tricks and look adorable doing them! Here’s some to try out: sit, shake a paw, roll over, bang! dead dog, who wants a treat and many many more! Just Google it ☺ hope today was awesome for you! !