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Picking an oldie just cause 💜 GypsyGirl


When it comes to ball..she is UNSTOPPABLE . Lol which is why I have to tell her when it’s time to rest as she would never stop and over work herself. Which isn’t a laughing matter. Your dog could become dehydrated or fatigued very quickly and it is the owners job and responsibility to know how much play is too much play. 2016-03-21 20.19.00


Need something to help calm your dog’s nerves and make them more carefree ? Today I will give a look into my favourite crystal, the amethyst.

20160714_1244492016-07-14 10.08.03Amethyst is an all around healer but really helps in making your dog more carefree and with less worries as it clears negative energies. Amethyst also helps with easing training issues, barking, fear, depression, and separation anxiety. Get this it is also know as a natural flea and tick deterrent!  I heard about crystals for pets and there was no way I was not trying it!!! Try for your self. Gypsy has been wearing amethyst and I think it’s beautiful….probably helps that purple is my favourite color! 💜

Aging pets

When it comes to our pets aging this can be a difficult process. Not only for the animal but also for the owner as it is extremely difficult to see a pet sick, in pain or frail. Easy things an owner can do to make things more comfortable for there aging pets is as follows but definitely not limited to:

  • Switching to senior dog food as it has many ingredients benificial to your aging dog
  • Extra vitamins.  Ask your vet or a dog professional about things such as glucosamine, elk antler pills and many other options
  • Essential oils for calming and soothing
  • AND my newest and favourite addition to my doggy medical kits is healing crystals like the one pictured below that I made

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Carnelian is great for aging pets as it is very grounding as well as soothing. Carnelian is good for depression and puts your elderly dog in a light mood.

Every crystal has a healing benifit and is just waiting to aid your pet with its pain, nervousness, anxiety, aggression and many many more issues your pet may he facing! (My favourite is amethyst)

Thanks so much for your time and please message me with any questions or concerns.


Shelter from the storm

  • lightning

Some dogs are completely uneffected by storms and loud noises however many dogs become completely terrified when mother nature decides to put on a show. When a storm hits near our place I usually do a few things around the house to make gypsy feel more comfortable.

  • Music always seems to help, something quiet and relaxing but loud enough that the scary noises are faint.
  • Lavender essential oil diffused in the air, misted near or on your dog, or you can use a cloth collar with diluted oil
  • Make sure your dog has a safe feeling place that is away from the windows and away from the reminders of the storm
  • I haven’t tried a thunder vest for dogs but I have heard great things about them as they apply pressure on points that really calm and aid the dog through these tough times
  • Always make sure to have a tag on your dog with your current phone number in case they fear run or hide during the storm

I have addressed some of these tips before however this is a quick brush up for those who haven’t read my blog and a reminder for those who have. Try them out be good to your doggy today and everyday! !!



There was no way I could post a pic of anything but Willow. My van. Part home -part journey  machine!!! One great thing about bringing the dogs camping is when it gets cool at night the dogs literally breath so much in the van they become a furnace. Fogging up the windows and creating enough heat for us all to stay warm! Lol take care and have an amazing day!


When it comes to dog sitting in our home not only do we try to make our fur friend feel like a comfortable Guest we make then feel like family! !! Even for dogs it is very hard to leave home and to be away from those special humans they call family or their pack:)! Brining familair things from home to your house and staying active and fun will always help make your guest feel more comfortable. Also like I’ve mentioned before essential oils diluted and sprayed on or diffused in the air can be very benificial in calming dogs! So next time your sitting for a friend or anyone…..try some of the tips and see what you think 😘

Pictured below….one of our current (guests) and my favourite! Auntie Fraya


Forbidden FOOD

When it comes to feeding your precious pet everyone seems to have a different way of doing it. I’m old fashion and have to admit at the end of some meals I save a piece of meat or a somewhat healthy treat for our dogs. Or when I’m making tylers sandwich I will toss them a piece of ham. Some people are completely against this and some people go even further! No matter what though there is a list of food that should be Forbidden from your dog to eat. This list is as follows:

artifical sweetener (bad for us too) 




These food can make your dog extremely ill and can even cause death. Although these are the worst food for your pets there are also more that are not great for dogs, please use your good judgement 🙂


travel companion

While traveling we need to make conditions as safe and comfortable for every companion we bring along.

Most importantly!  Water water water and bring some more water. A dish that your dog is familair with is always great as well. Also don’t forget food, leashes and some things to help entertain your fur child. We like to bring a rope and create a zip line for our dogs so they get tangled less and have a little more freedom. We do this using 2 trees or tying the rope to our van and another structure such as a picnic table. Taking your pooch on a walk will be benificial for you and your dog because it will leave you both relaxed and with less energy AND we never forget Gypsy’s ball as it can keep her occupied for hours on end.

Most importantly if you are being outdoorsy please let your dog have lots of breaks and many shady times in order to stay cool and healthy. And NEVER leave a dog in a warm vehicle, you can Google the temperatures that are unsafe for your area and weather conditions.

Below is my favourite travel companion……… to keep him happy pack lots of snacks drinks and Sandwiches. Oh and try to make him laugh as often as possible !!! 💜💙😎😎🐶👍 



20160605_123327Ahhhhh. ..can’t say how grateful I am for this passed weekend. My fiance and I got away to Vancouver for the weekend for some much needed fresh air and relaxation. I am also grateful to have my besty watching the pooches. Can’t thank her and her husband enough for making this part of the vacation process so smooth and effortless.  We share keys because they are our old roomies and super trustworthy……not only are they the best doggy sitters we could ask for they picked them up from our house which was so convenient! ! If you have dogs I suggest watching your friends and vice versa because not only is your dog more comfortable… can be at ease as well! Take care enjoy yourself and get out and so something fun!!! 💜 pictured below are my fur babies sleeping safe and sound at their home away from home xo