wrinkle cream (sensitive skin balm)

As a dog owner I’m sure you know the responsibilities and how much work needs to be put into your pet. But anyone who knows or has a Bull breed or even some pure breds have learnt first hand that the struggle is real! Those adorable Bull dogs,Pitbulls,  Frenchie’s, Boston’s, Boxer’s, Mastiffs etc. can be a lot of work due to health issues but I guarantee are worth it! We will talk about other breeds that are a lot of work in another post. Many of these breeds suffer from allergies to their food, shampoo or even laundry soap you use to wash their bedding. These allergies often cause skin irritations and can be quite gnarly looking and may be painful at times for your pooch. Here’s a quick recipe for a dog “wrinkle cream” or sensitive skin balm.

In a double boiling pot mix and melt all ingredients until smooth, pour into small resealable containers and label so you know what you have found in the cupboard weeks later!

2 tablespoons sunflower oil

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

1 tablespoon Shea Butter

10 drops lavender/cedarwood essential oil (make sure the oils you choose are not skin sensitive. Like many of the citrus oils are)

1 teaspoon beeswax


Use on dry and sensitive areas like noses, paws, armpits or spots on legs that suffer from chafing. As well as on your cool Bully breeds wrinkles and folds. This balm lasts at least a year and can be used on any dog. For instance my girl gypsy never has skin issues however In the winter I will use this to add extra care and protection on the bottom of her paws since the winters in Alberta are so cold and dry.

Just to prove BULLIES are worth it here is a pic of my favourite english bull dog BIZZY


Healing stones with Pets

I’m not much for superstitions. Well the conventional ones anyhow, I do however believe in energies.  I truly feel that positive and negative energy can be easily passed from one human to another, a human to pet or can even be passed through object’s. I have always been interested in crystals and have been learning more and more about them over the last 5 years or so. I always wear a crystal on a chain around my neck usually an amethyst or one of the quarts crystals and can really feel the difference in my spirit. Just recently I starting reading about using crystals with pets!!! I was amazed however not surprised. I will just cover a few if you want to learn more follow the link I provided under the beautiful picture of the healing stones below. Thanks!

Amethyst (my personal favourite): purple or violet color and is a stone of peace. It is said to raise moods and spirits in humans and pets. Amethyst is also said to increase psychic awareness. The example said a performing dog with a bit of Amethyst on its collar will have even more of an ability to make the right decisions.

Gold: reduces stress as it helps balances the nervous system brain and other functions of the body.

Jade: is green in color and is said to protect against accidents and is associated with wisdom, healing and living a long life.

Obsidian:  Black stone that is extremely grounding. The example said that a training dog that is exposed to obsidian will be better at staying focused on his work. How cool!! Seriously please read some more figure out which stones with help heal your dogs ailments. Go buy some crystals for your dogs and yourself!! They are cheap and you just really never know if they will help with your dogs issues.


Healing Crystals can be found and fully explained in this awesome book I found!! I can’t wait to read more about this……..

Oh the Nerve! Calming Techniques

portrait-of-a-dog-no-problemOh the Nerve! One of the biggest responsibilities of a pet owner is keeping him in a calm and relaxed state. When your dog is excessive barking, licking areas of its body, chewing things around the house, pacing, shaking or shivering (many more symptoms) this could be due to anxiety. Anxiety can be from a number of different things such as noises including thunder storms, loud music, gun shots, etc. Anxiety can also be cause by separation from the dogs humans, car rides, new people, objects and experiences. This is a short list, every dog is very different and you would be quite surprised at some of the things that trigger anxiety in different dogs.

If your dog is displaying any of the above symptoms or other ones that are not listed and you feel in your gut that your precious pup is not at ease you are probably right. In order to make them feel comfortable and healthy and ultimately pro long their life here is a few calming tips. Please comment if you like them, have any questions or have any tips of your own. Calming techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Massage, I’ve probably said enough as anyone who has had a massage knows how calming and relaxing it is. Not only does massage foster a feeling of well being all on its own it is beneficial in so many ways, including reducing blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. Slow and long strokes on the chest and belly are really soothing as well my dogs favourite place for massage is on the ear and forehead. I use the tips of my fingers to rub and make circles repeatedly is sections of the ear.
  • Music can often be soothing if the right selections are made. Obviously don’t play anything loud or with humans shouting in it. Research has shown that dogs are considerably more calm while listening to classical music. Try it out and see for yourself.
  • Thunder Jackets or body wraps can be very beneficial (however I have never tried) when dealing with anxiety in your dog. Constant pressure is applied in certain areas that are supposed to relieve anxiety.
  • Essential oils including lavender either misted on your dog from a diluted solution, rubbed on the fur with a carrier oil, or you can puts drops on a collar or bandana and have your dog wear it. Always remember to supervise your pet at first to make sure they don’t have a reaction.
  • Keep your dogs routine fixed by doing things such as scheduled feeding times, walks and outings. This will aid a lot in keeping your dog feeling at ease and worry free!!!