Dog Vision


I know that this photo doesn’t have green in and that is the point. I wanted to show you how dogs see. Not only are they thought to be near sighted they are as well red-green color blind. Meaning that they can’t see reds and greens. However they do see blues and yellows in a aray of shades and have great vision regardless of different light environments like humans do!


Healing stones with Pets

I’m not much for superstitions. Well the conventional ones anyhow, I do however believe in energies.  I truly feel that positive and negative energy can be easily passed from one human to another, a human to pet or can even be passed through object’s. I have always been interested in crystals and have been learning more and more about them over the last 5 years or so. I always wear a crystal on a chain around my neck usually an amethyst or one of the quarts crystals and can really feel the difference in my spirit. Just recently I starting reading about using crystals with pets!!! I was amazed however not surprised. I will just cover a few if you want to learn more follow the link I provided under the beautiful picture of the healing stones below. Thanks!

Amethyst (my personal favourite): purple or violet color and is a stone of peace. It is said to raise moods and spirits in humans and pets. Amethyst is also said to increase psychic awareness. The example said a performing dog with a bit of Amethyst on its collar will have even more of an ability to make the right decisions.

Gold: reduces stress as it helps balances the nervous system brain and other functions of the body.

Jade: is green in color and is said to protect against accidents and is associated with wisdom, healing and living a long life.

Obsidian:  Black stone that is extremely grounding. The example said that a training dog that is exposed to obsidian will be better at staying focused on his work. How cool!! Seriously please read some more figure out which stones with help heal your dogs ailments. Go buy some crystals for your dogs and yourself!! They are cheap and you just really never know if they will help with your dogs issues.


Healing Crystals can be found and fully explained in this awesome book I found!! I can’t wait to read more about this……..

benifits of tricks

One of the best things you can do for your dog is often quick and always fun even though its sometimes tricky ……. that is until you get the hang of it!!! I talked a little bit about tricks before as a form of exercise now I would like to add some of the other benifits of training your fur baby some more tricks!

  • Bonding
  • Eases anxiety
  • Strengthens the human alpha role
  • Often eases humans that are fearful of dogs. Make them smile with your dog’s adorable routines and make them feel less fearful knowing your dog is obedient



29241_389796679834_3862064_nFaraway from my body but so close in spirit. Although I have always loved animals I didn’t know how strong that love could be until I got my border collie puppy Gypsy. I on impulse got her before I left on a month long trip traveling around the States in my Westy. I really didn’t want to leave her but knew she would be in my life for a long time so suffered through it and left my girl at home. It was hard to be away from her but I grew so much while I was gone. She opened my eyes to possibilities and now its finally time for me to go for it!!! Thank you Gypsy girl you are my inspiration.

spring veggies

20160329_133830.jpgI would have to say one of my favourite views is the landscape of my own backyard 😀 all thanks to mainly my hubby and a lil me!! We have our hot tub oasis, the river rock path we collected all ourselves and now we have these awesome new veggies boxes just in time for spring. To keep this post doggy related I won’t forget to add male dogs = marking on everything in range repeatedly. …..this is why Tyler hand created these boxes and I painted them. Raised garden boxes = veggies free of pesticides AND dog pee AND a happy Pam ☺


I must say that I love the way our raised dog food dishes turned out. The contrast of the would burning makes for an awesome look. Lol our dogs have the frustrating habit of tipping over their dishes when we aren’t home or they try to cover their kibble up with toys or things around the house. Since we have made these stands….yay… has yet to happen again so now I don’t have to worry about our laminate floor getting damaged.




spirituality-303281_640Today’s daily prompt refresh is a bit of a reminder to me to keep up at my goals. I decided I would give everyone A quick run through of some of my plans. I’ve started this website and blog in order to get my name out there and to learn. I already have an extensive knowledge and HUGE LOVE of dogs and have been for ever wanting to do something more with them! Something special.  I already do pretty much everything but make my dogs food for them. I do bake treats though,  I bathe groom and cut their nails, massage them, make collars clothing toys you name it!!! Now I want to do this with everyone’s pets.

I have taken online courses for pet aromatherapy and streches/massage techniques. And now I am just starting to practice them on my own pets and my friends pets! ! I am really excited and I will definitely keep everyone updated with any progress or hopefully huge   breakthroughs ☺💜💙👍 hoping that with a bit of time I can help these dogs to feel less anxiety less pain from old injuries or age etc. And then from there I would like to help anyone’s pet who will let me. The joy I would feel from that would be remarkable. ….have a great Thursday everyone


Being Thankful


While trying to get my blog working properly I’m going to take a moment to say how thankful I am for my life. Things are great and it’s mostly due to this man pictured above. He is my rock and keeps me stable whenever I may stumble of track. 🙂 this is a pic from the night he asked me to marry him! Best moment of my life……SO FAR



You are her voice when she cannot be heard. And when it comes to dogs this is always. If you see an animal (or human) receiving abuse it is your responsibility to report it. Even if you think it isn’t your business or that someone else around obviously will because you saw others staring as well at the scene. This is a misconception many people have and then violent crimes against animals and humans go unreported and continue to occur. Speaking up and using your voice could in fact safe a life. Protect the people and animals around you! Speak up!

stresS freE lifE oF doG

2016-03-28 17.53.18

Frivolous  many would say this would describe the life of dogs. Carefree and easy. This is some dogs and I would hope most however many dogs feel as though they need a job and often become quite worked up and un easy when they are left to create things to. My dogs when left in the front living room alone (my hubby since made a gate to keep them in the kitchen so they can relax a bit more) have defended our home against  everything from suspected murder’s (by the dogs), the evil mail person and many many floating bags!!!! It may seem like you have a guard dog on duty which can be good and bad but what I’ve come to learn is that this is extra stress on a dog that just isn’t necessary. watch your pet.find it’s obsession or stressor and try to find a common fixer upper like we did!  C’Mon let’s help our pets relax a little…. trust me the it will help you too 💜👍